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13 Aug 2018

NEWS FROM MOZAMBIQUE (Kléber & Juracema)

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Planting New Churches: we have been praying for some time now for the Maconde people in the state of Cabo Delgado. We are pleased to announce that a new church has been established among the Maconde people in the city of Pemba, the capital city for that state. We are taking the gospel to the northern regions of Mozambique. We now have churches among the Makua, Koti and the Maconde. We are also praying for the Jauas people who live in the state of Niassa. (Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula, where the mission is located are the 3 northern states in Mozambique). Please pray with us to find a newer car to make trips to these areas. (The funds have been provided, just a matter of finding the right vehicle).


Education: We are presently painting the walls, doors and windows for the two new classrooms that were built last year. We urgently need 84 desks for the 3 classrooms where students are sitting on the floor. Each desk costs $100.00 and holds 2 students. There are 2 weeks of vacation in August during which time we plan to accomplish this work. Pray for the needs and the school.



Hope Home: We are remodeling the kitchen and dining room and installing water in both the boys and girls dormitory (Vision 360 Ministries provided the funds for the water installation). This year we would also like to construct the computer lab building. Pray with us for Hope Home.



Hope Mission: We are constructing 5 buildings to house the leaders who come to Nampula for training. Each month it is a challenge to find a place to sleep for those leaders (50 – 70 leaders). Please, pray we can finish these soon.

Your prayers and financial help are important to advance the Kingdom of God.

In Christ’s love.

Kléber & Juracema.


Words from Bruce and Neide: Praise the Lord, the Village Drill is on its way. (The picture is off of the internet, just for you to have an idea of what the village drill looks like). We are now in the process of raising $8,000.00 for customs fees, training and the drilling of the first 3-4 wells. Please, pray with us that God will provide.







25 Apr 2018

Our Most Recent Trip to Brazil

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When we prepare to go on a mission trip there are a number of responsibilities we need to accomplish. We need to verify travel documents, prepare studies, make sure the community group is cared for, and put our finances in order. But the most important preparation is to make sure our mission partners and prayer warriors are informed so they can bathe the trip in prayer. We make our plans of how we plan to minister, for example we planned to lead a seminar in two churches on “How to Care For One Another in God’s Family.” We had also been invited to preach in both of these churches as well as on a ranch about 1 ½ hours from Brasilia. We did that and believe God moved hearts during these presentations of His Word.




But we are always surprised on how the Holy Spirit leads us on informal (not previously planned) encounters with God’s people. There were the 5 couples that we had taken through the “Married For Life” course who bonded with us during this 13 week course and always want a “refresher” time with us when in Luziania, a city about 45 minutes from Brasilia. They then scheduled a dinner together a week later so we could specifically minister about marriage. We shared, they share and we prayed together for God to strengthen each marriage relationship.

We stayed in the home of Dinho and Leila, who lead the “Essence and Life Christian Church” in Luziania. Ministering in this city has several challenges so they share and we work at encouraging them as a couple and also as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayer time with them is always special.


Then there was the ranch we visited on Easter Sunday. Paulino, the owner, had been raised in an orphanage. When he was 18, he was told he had to leave because that was the policy of the orphanage. He made a vow to God, that if God would bless him he would build orphanages where children would learn how to take care of themselves when they became adults and not simply “kicked out” to figure out life on their own. Well, God has truly blessed this man who now owns 38 ranches and is developing the one we visited to be the prototype for self-sustaining orphanages in Brazil. We visited at length with the agricultural master mind behind the plan to provide jobs, food and spiritual guidance for all who live in the orphanage. He gets up every morning at 3:00 AM to pray.  They have designated a high hill on the ranch to build a prayer chapel, that overlooks the whole ranch. We shared about the “Farming God’s Ways” principles that were developed in Africa and saw how God was leading him to do use many of the same principles in Brazil. We have already traded information that will help him in Brazil and the work in Mozambique.

I apologize for the length of this report, but have to tell you about another God appointed encounter. Our friend Sergio called me one morning when Neide was having her hair done and invited me to work out in a local park. After we worked out we went for a walk and he and his wife Hosana told me about a Bible translation project, developed by Wycliffe, in which they were participating. Wycliffe realized that they were going to fall short of their goal of having the Bible translated into every language by 2025. They then developed a method of bringing together bilingual people from these languages and for 2 weeks the nationals would translate the Bible into their own language facilitated by people who would give them guidance. In 2 weeks they would see 2-3 books of the Bible translated. With their approach Wycliffe has renewed their optimism to see God’s Word in every language in the world. WOW! GREAT! PRAISE GOD!

Then we had this couple meet with Kleber and Juracema, missionaries from Brazil that work in Mozambique, with whom we cooperate and encourage. They talked about a couple of people groups in Mozambique that only have portions of the Bible in their language. They will be checking to see if this new approach is something for the church in Mozambique.


If we were to write about every special encounter God set up it would cover several more pages so suffice it to say “your prayers really worked!”

We also had quality time with my daughter Tammy and her family. Please, continue to pray for her complete recovery and their lives in Brazil during these times of political and economic crisis.


Thank you so much for your partnership in our ministry. Without your help this ministry would not happen.


Bruce & Neide


3 Mar 2017

News From Mozambique

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We recently sent out our annual report with our goals for 2017 via email. If you did not receive a report just let us know (colson360@yahoo.com) and we will send one to you.

We recently received an annual report from Kléber and Juracema in Mozambique. We would like to share that with you so you can join us and them praising God for His continued guidance and direction for the work there.

CHURCHES: Church buildings were completed in 3 other states in Northern Mozambique. Each month the leaders from the churches travel to Mozambique for further training and encouragement.

Pastores e lideres

HOPE HOME: They now have 32 boys and 32 girls who live at Hope Home. Four have received scholarships to study at the college level this year. Now that the boy’s dormitory is very close to being completed they have plans to increase the number of boys and girls at Hope Home to 48. They mentioned their gratitude to Vision 360 for providing the funds for the boy’s dormitory. We will soon send $4,600.00 to put in doors, windows and electrical installations which will finish this project. Thank you for your faithfulness that made this possible. However, they will need help to maintain this many children and youth. If you would like to sponsor a child for 2017, please contact us.


They shared that 53 children/youth have lived at the home and are now out on their own with greater hope for the future and spiritual guidance for their lives. During this time at the home they not only had their physical needs met, but also learned about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.

SCHOOL: The total number of students registered to study at the school for 2017 is 1,123. Two news classrooms have been built with the funds received from registration. They now have 2 classrooms for each grade up through 7th grade. Since there is one group who studies in the morning and another in the afternoon they actually have 4 classrooms of students for each grade. Once again they had to turn away students for lack of space and teachers.

Fotos - Africa - 2011 046

PRAY FOR RAIN! In a recent conversation with Kléber and Juracema they asked us to pray for rain. It has rained very little so far and this is supposed to be the time when the rain falls in abundance. Water for the garden at the mission and for all those in northern Mozambique are being jeopardized by the lack of rain.

africa mirror

GRATITUDE: Kléber and Juracema finished their report with these words: “Our greatest desire is that whatever has been accomplished in Mozambique, in the church, at the school, the children’s home and Hope Mission, has been done to bring glory to Jesus. For this reason we thank the churches for their support, whether prayer or financial support and for all you have done. May God continue to renew His grace and mercy in your lives.”


Praise God for the victories that are being won in Mozambique and please, continue in prayer for the challenges that are before them!

Please, pray for Vision 360 Ministries, as we come alongside of the church in Mozambique, to help them accomplish God’s purpose for their lives!

Blessings, Bruce and Neide Colson.



17 Sep 2016

Look What the Lord Has Done!

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A few years ago, ok maybe more than a few, we used to sing a song “Look what the Lord has done” praising God for His salvation and all He has done in our lives. After spending two weeks at Hope Mission in Mozambique and visiting with church leaders and a couple of village churches we can only exclaim “Look what the Lord has done” and continues to do among the Makua people. This is not to exalt Kléber and Juracema for their great  work, because they are the first to acknowledge that they had no great plans when they arrived in Nampula other than to plant churches among the Makua people whose primary religion is a mixture of Islam, animism and Spiritism. They just prayed hard and often and God showed them each step to take.


            Now, 20 years later, we were able to stay with them in their new house at Hope Mission, walk the grounds and see what the Lord has done. We saw the boys dormitory nearing completion which will be able to house over 50 boys and youth. We saw the 60 boys and girls who are now living at Hope Home where they have 3 regular meals a day, grow in their faith, and further their education. We saw the school where over 1000 children study every day, including the Bible, most of whom come from Muslim homes. We saw the dedication of the teachers, all of whom are followers of Jesus, having grown up at the mission, now furthering their education at a college level and being an example to the younger children in faith and life. We met with the church leaders teaching them the principles and disciplines of their devotional lives and just visiting with them, hearing their stories of victories and struggles in ministry. Many of the pastors and leaders of the 60 churches planted among their people were there.




We heard about the water filters that Vision 360 purchased to test in their homes. We saw the smiles on their faces as they told about the clean water they were now drinking. We even heard the story of the one pastor who had no water in his house but the dirty dish water after his wife washed the dishes. He poured the dirty water in his filter and, to his amazement and joy, later filled a glass with clear, clean water.


            We have a lot more to tell, like the beets we saw in the garden the size of softballs and how the garden continues to supplement their meals each day. However, it might be better to give it to you installments instead of all at once.

            We do want you to know that God is doing a great work in Mozambique and you are a part of it. This is not to say all is perfect and there are no problems. On the contrary there are plenty of issues to work out as these people grow in their faith. But that is true of all of us no matter where we live. We just want to praise God for what He is doing among the Makua people in northern Mozambique and to thank you for faithfully partnering with us as we come along these brothers and sisters to help make their lives just a little bit better each year.


28 Jul 2016

Back From Wisconsin

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Greetings to all our mission partners!

                We just returned to Tennessee from a week of camp in Wisconsin with 8th and 9th graders. It was a great week and God blessed Vision 360 Ministries with an offering of over $1,300.00. The goal was $1,000.00 so the people were generous, the Makua people will be blessed, and God will be praised.

               We have sent $10,000.00 so far for the construction of the boys dormitory in Mozambique. The boys were sleeping in the room designated for the school library. However, with the increase in the number of students they are now using this room as a classroom and the boys are sleeping in a couple of houses at the mission. You can see the progress of the construction in these pictures. We are sending another $5,000.00 this week which will finish the walls and get everything ready for the next step which will be the roof.

Slide8 Slide7 Slide2 dorm3 dorm9 dorm1

               We praise God for your participation in Vision 360 Ministries making it possible for the boys to have a better place to sleep. We had already purchased bunk beds and mattresses for them.

               We are leaving on August 23rd for Mozambique. Justin Carter, the minister at Cornerstone Church in Eau Claire, WI and Hollie Becker, from Casper, WY are going with us. Hollie has a heart to work with under privileged children. Please pray for health, safety and effective ministry for this trip. We plan to return on September 10th. Kléber and Juracema are moving into their new home which was built at the mission. Please pray for a smooth transition for them and God’s protection over them.

               Once again we praise God for you, our faithful mission partners who are making it possible for the ministry of Vision 360 to encourage missionaries, train leaders, and help the Makua people get out of the extreme poverty in which they live.

17 May 2016


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God is on His throne, reigning sovereignly over His universe. This is an eternal truth from God’s word. No matter what happens around us, this truth is like a rock upon which we can build our lives. God is not distant. He is at work every day desiring the best for each of us. We who have more, share with those who have less and in God’s economy everyone gets blessed.

We are helping our brothers and sisters in Mozambique get out of the extreme poverty in which they live. We know that this is going to take time, but praise God for the progress being made. Sixty children and youth live at Hope Home which is a part Hope Mission in Nampula, Mozambique. Brazilian missionaries, Kléber and Juracema, started this Mission 19 years ago and what God has done through their ministry is amazing. Some 60 churches have been planted and many of these leaders come to Nampula every month for training. The children and youth who live at Hope Home come from those churches. They have come to Hope Mission to develop spiritually, have 3 regular meals a day and further their education so they can look forward to a better future.

Your participation in Vision 360 Ministries is a great encouragement to the Makua people. Last month we sent $4,000.00 to help care for the young lives you are sponsoring. We also sent $5,000.00 to begin the construction of the boy’s dormitory which will provide a place for the boys to sleep. Right now they are sleeping wherever Kléber can find a space for them. We still need $25,000.00 to finish this dormitory. Please pray for our Makua friends and that God will provide for this need. Soon we will be posting pictures of the construction.

We share this blog so that you can rejoice with us for what God is doing in Mozambique. We also ask you to continually pray for Kléber and Juracema and the church among the Makua people. The challenges for this ministry are great, but our God is even greater. That is why we and they need your prayers.

BRAZIL: Thursday we travel to Brazil. We will be visiting the church we worked with while living there as well as several individuals from this church. These relationships that were established when we lived there continue on via the internet. We will also lead a seminar on marriage and the family at the new church plant in Luziania led by Dinho and Leila, a couple we have been discipling for several years. We also will be helping Neide’s mother prepare for her move to the U.S. and spending time with Neide’s aunt who is struggling with Parkinsons disease. Please hold this trip; our health, the many ministry opportunities we will have before the Lord. We totally depend on God to accomplish anything for Him and His Kingdom. That is why your prayers are so important.

Thank you again for being our partners in this ministry.

Bruce & Neide








6 Jul 2015


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Yesterday I (Bruce) had the opportunity to talk to Kléber in Mozambique, by Skype. The work there is progressing well. Whereas before their focus of attention was on the villages along the coast now they have an opportunity to plant churches to the west of Nampula, in the direction of Malawi. They are very excited about the new doors for church planting that God has opened to them. They also ask for our continued prayers for new leaders and the growth of the leaders already in place. Leadership is the key to the development of the church in any part of the world.

The work on their house and the 3 houses for leaders at the Mission are near completion. They hope to move into their new house by the end of the year which will free them from paying rent. It will also save travel time to and from the mission.

Casas 1

Also, there are several youth who now live at the Mission who are ready for high school studies. This will give them the education they need to have a better future. If you would like to sponsor one of these young people as they further their education, please contact us at colson360@yahoo.com.

Recently we have shared how the church in Eau Claire, WI had taken on the Clean Water Project for the Makua people. Previous blogs will give you information on this project. The goal was to raise $10,000.00 to provide filters for our Makua brothers and sisters to have clean water to drink and use for cooking. This was a great challenge for the Eau Claire Church. Now we can praise God, with them, for the nearly $12,000.00 raised for this project. Thank you, Van Jorstad, who first caught this vision and for the leadership at Cornerstone Christisan Church for their work and support of this project. Our first step will be to try to purchase some filters from a factory in Tanzania to test in several homes.  During our next trip in September we plan to do the necessary research to possibly build a factory on the Mission in Nampula to continually provide filters for the families in Northern Mozambique.


Please, keep all these things on your prayer list. It is true that all of us can only accomplish what God does through us. Praise God for what He is doing in Mozambique. Praise God for His people here and in Brazil who faithfully support this work. Pray for His continued presence and guidance. Also be in prayer for our next trip to Mozambique scheduled for the first part of September. Pray for God’s guidance as we prepare the studies and other necessary details. If you would like to help with the expenses you can now donate online. Just click on the “menu item” button and a window will open to give online.


Bruce and Neide Colson.

3 Jun 2015

Clean Water for the Makua People

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Click on the link below! It will download a powerpoint presentation about the Clean Water Project for the Makua people! You can learn about it, pray about it and help spread the word for us!

Makua Clean Water Project



5 May 2015


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Almost 18 years ago Kléber and Juracema went to Northern Mozambique to preach the gospel to the Makua people, an unreached people group of over 400,000 people. Today there are some 50 churches planted among these people and a new church to reach another people group called the “Coti”. Most of these people are subsistent farmers, that is, they are trying to grow enough food to live on. And they struggle to do that. As we help these people grow in their faith and become more like Jesus we cannot ignore the extreme poverty in which they live. Rom.12:13 admonishes us to “share with God’s people who are in need”. The average life expectancy of these people is 40. Many of them live on the equivalent of $1 a day. Many children die from diseases related to poor diet, unclean water, poor hygiene practices and Aids. WHO (World Health Organization) says that five million people die every year from diseases related to the above mentioned situation. WHO also relates that at any given time, almost half the people in developing countries suffer from water related diseases. The goal of Vision 360 Ministries is to come alongside missionaries and the churches they serve to help and encourage in every way possible. We have seen, first hand, the need for clean water for the people who live in the rural areas of Northern Mozambique. They are drinking water from rivers or shallow wells which is often dirty and contaminated without any means of filtering this water. As we shared this need with Van Jorstad from the church in Eau Claire, WI, he became concerned about our brothers and sisters in Mozambique and determined to rally the church and community to raise $10,000.00 to initiate the clean water project for Mozambique. On June 6th there will be a race (walk, run, bicycle) for clean water in Eau Claire. Their goal is to have 1000 people participate who will each pay a $10 registration fee. There are 500 families associated with these 50 churches that have been planted in northern Mozambique. Most of them need the filters this project will provide. Even if you cannot participate in the race/walk/run you can donate to this important project. You can go to the church’s website – http://cornerstonechristian-ec.org/water_project.html  – and there is a place to register and/or donate online. There is also a picture and description of the filter we are planning to make available to the Makua people.




Please, make this project and the health of the Makua people a part of your prayer time. This is an ambitious goal for the church in Eau Claire, but we believe that through His people, God can do it! Blessings, Bruce and Neide Colson.

3 Jan 2015


Posted by vision360ministries. Comments Off on TENHA UM ANO DE 2015 ABENÇOADO E VITORIOSO!


Primeiramente, nossa oração por você é que você tenha tido um Natal focado em Cristo e muito alegre. Também oramos para que Deus lhe guie, proteja e abençoe e lhe dê muitas vitórias em 2015.

O Ano Novo é sempre muito “emocionante” porque se apresenta com novas oportunidades e expectativas. Existe algo sobre a palavra “novo” que nos faz animados porque nos dá esperança renovada de que vamos conseguir realizar aquilo que não foi possível ou foi deixado por fazer no passado. Nós não somos pessoas do passado, apesar de que aprendemos muito com as experiências passadas. O Apóstolo Paulo coloca muito bem em Filipenses 3:13b-14 quando escreve “Mas uma coisa eu faço: esquecendo as coisas que para trás ficam e avançando para as que diante de mim estão, prossigo para o alvo, para o prêmio da soberana vocação de Deus em Cristo Jesus.”

O que nós conseguimos ou não realizar em 2014 está para trás. O que aconteceu ou deixou de acontecer em 2014, está para trás. Como seguidores de Jesus nós olhamos pra frente. Nós aprendemos com os erros passados, com as falhas e com as coisas que conseguimos realizar. Agora olhamos para a frente. O que está diante de nós em 2015? Paulo nos encoraja a trabalhar duro naquilo que está à nossa frente, i.e. o alvo de ganhar o prêmio para o qual Deus tem nos chamado em Cristo Jesus. Êste é o nosso foco para 2015! Nosso foco está no nosso Pai Celestial, Sua vontade e propósito para as nossas vidas. Quando aquele foco está em primeiro lugar, tudo o mais se encaixa.

Nosso foco para a missão “Vision 360 Ministries” é de cotinuar a nos disponibilizar à Deus e continuar trabalhando nos projetos que estão diante de nós. Continuamos a nos disponibilizar a visitar e a encorajar missionários no Brasil, na Alemanha e em Moçambique. Continuamos a nos disponibilizar para ajudar a treinar líderes nesses países, bem como nos EUA e em qualquer lugar que Deus nos leve. Continuamos a lutar para que haja justiça entre os povos Macua e Coti no Norte de Moçambique, ajudando-os a sair da pobreza extrema na qual vivem. Isso inclue prover os custos para criação de galinhas na Missão Esperança em Nampula, prover água tratada e saúde para as pessoas das mais de 50 igrejas no Norte de Moçambique. Também inclue terminar o livro que Deus tem colocado no meu coração para que eu escreva, e cujo o título é “Uma Igreja Para o Louvor da Sua Glória” (Efésios 1:6,12,14).

Estamos muito animados com o ano de 2015!  Certamente teremos barreiras para enfrentar e haverão desafios que ainda nem sabemos. Mas o nosso Deus é fiel! Ele pode fazer, através de cada um de nós, “muito mais do que pedimos ou pensamos” (Efésios 3:20). Vamos trabalhar juntos para realizar a obra que está diante de nós. Qual o segredo? Uma palavra: ORAÇÃO! Por favor, una-se a nós em oração ao buscarmos fidelidade ao Senhor nêste ministério que Ele coloca diante de nós. Também queremos orar por sua vida e ministério. Compartilhe conosco (através de email ou Facebook) como podemos orar por você. Colson360@yahoo.com ou Bruce Neide Colson (Facebook). Também queremos comunicar nossos novos números de celulares: Neide – (423) 337-5115 and Bruce – (423) 557-5722.

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