5 Oct 2014

Part 6 – The Seminar

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Next, I want to share about the teaching time we had in Nampula. Some 50 leaders gathered for their monthly time of training and encouragement. Last year they had requested that we teach on Marriage and the Family for this year. We put together a booklet of 7 principles, based on the courses we have taught, printed 100 copies and spent 4 days studying these principles with them. Marriage and Family customs are very much culturally determined. When you study God’s plan for marriage and the family it will enter into conflict with some cultural practices in every culture for cultural customs are often determined by man. In contrast to this God has outlined His principles for a strong and fulfilling marriage.


The two areas that created most conflict for the Makua people was fidelity in marriage and the role of the father in the family. Fidelity is an issue because there are many who have had more than one spouse. Marriage is easily dissolved and a new relationship established. Immorality is also an issue so we challenged them to apply God’s principles of marriage as a covenant and the concept of one flesh.


The Makua society is matrilinear meaning that the lineage is passed down through the mother. This by itself would not be a major issue except that in their culture the brother of the mother has more authority over the lives of the children than the father does. If the man is the head of the wife as Paul writes in Eph. 5, then he is the one to have leadership authority in the home. We also studied how this leadership is modeled by the love that Jesus has for His bride, the church. We left those challenges before them to apply to their specific culture. They seemed to accept those truths and challenges as they asked to do the same study next year when they could have their wives participate.

Paul talked about sowing and reaping in Gal. 6:7. This is definitely true in our marriages and families. If we sow God’s principles we will reap God’s benefits. If we sow the world’s principles we will reap the world’s curses. God has a great plan. We just need the faith to believe it and follow it. This is true for all people of all cultures.




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