23 Oct 2014

Hope Home, in Mozambique, Africa

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It all started when Kléber and Juracema were travelling to one of the coastal villages of Nampula, Mozambique, District of Angoche – the village is called Sangache, visiting one of the new churches. One of the mothers asked them if they could take 2 of her daughters to Nampula with them to take care of them, give them the opportunity to continue studying and just give them the opportunity to have a different life than that of the village. If they stayed there, they would just end up getting pregnant at some point. At that moment, Kléber and Juracema had no means of doing that, but they told her they would pray about that!

A few months later, another man went to visit the church in Nampula (capital of the state of Nampula). He took with him his sister saying that she didn’t have a father, her mother was in a psychiatric hospital, the other brother had killed himself. He was the only one alive, he had 3 children of his own and lived in extreme poverty. He could not take care of his sister. He had brought his sister to “give” her to Kléber and Juracema.

Since they were already praying about that issue and that had been the second time something similar had happened, they decided to start doing something with whatever they had. They called for the two other girls from Sangache plus this new one (Anabela). That was 2005! The beginning of something that God was doing Himself!

The children who live at the Hope Home come from the villages and districts and some of them come from Nampula (where the Hope Home is located). All of them used to live in extreme poverty. They arrive skinny, with only the clothes they are dressed in, no shoes, sick (rashes, skin problems or even sexually transmitted diseases). Most of them don’t know their birthdates, that’s why they choose a birthday for them so that they can have documentation.

At the very beginning Kleber and Juracema pray for them and take a close look at their spiritual lives. Then, they take them to the Medical Clinic or to the hospital for a complete examination. They start getting 3 meals a day, used clothes which has been donated to wear, and start growing and developing.

They go to the Hope School (part of the same Mission and ministry) which offers classes through the 7th grade. When they move on to the 8th grade, they get registered in one of the public schools. That’s why some of these interns are adolescents and young adults. They stay at the Hope Home until they decide how they are going to go on with their lives. Some of them choose to stay at the Hope Mission, where they work taking care of the younger ones or doing other activities. All of them are heavily involved in the local church ministry.



On the next blog we will share how you can get more involved with this ministry!

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ ” ( Matthew.25.40).




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