6 Nov 2014

More about Hope Home in Mozambique

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In our last blog we wrote about how Hope Home came into existence. It started with a few children and now there are nearly 60 children and young people who live at Hope Mission. These children and young people are given the opportunity to further their education while living in a Christian environment as well as eating 3 regular meals every day, something they did not have at home. The cost to maintain Hope Home has put a strain on the financial support that Kleber and Juracema receive from the Brazilian churches. It got to the point of praying about whether they should close the home. That was often the topic of our conversations with them on our trip there in 2013.

We recognize the importance of the ministry of Hope Home. The education and spiritual formation of these young people is crucial for helping them and their own people break out of the extreme poverty in which they live. We suggested to Kleber that we could find sponsors for these children. This would help in the cost of maintaining Hope Home. Several people, both in the U.S. and Brazil,  have taken on this ministry of sponsoring a child in Hope Home. However, there are around 20 children who still need sponsors. If you can help please contact us at colson360@yahoo.com

and we will send you a picture of a child to sponsor. The donation we are suggesting is $40.00 a month. This not only helps with their physical needs, but also uniforms, study materials and other expenses to maintain a child at Hope Home.

Together we can make a difference for a young life at Hope Home in Mozambique.


Bruce and Neide Colson.

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