5 May 2015


Posted by vision360ministries


Almost 18 years ago Kléber and Juracema went to Northern Mozambique to preach the gospel to the Makua people, an unreached people group of over 400,000 people. Today there are some 50 churches planted among these people and a new church to reach another people group called the “Coti”. Most of these people are subsistent farmers, that is, they are trying to grow enough food to live on. And they struggle to do that. As we help these people grow in their faith and become more like Jesus we cannot ignore the extreme poverty in which they live. Rom.12:13 admonishes us to “share with God’s people who are in need”. The average life expectancy of these people is 40. Many of them live on the equivalent of $1 a day. Many children die from diseases related to poor diet, unclean water, poor hygiene practices and Aids. WHO (World Health Organization) says that five million people die every year from diseases related to the above mentioned situation. WHO also relates that at any given time, almost half the people in developing countries suffer from water related diseases. The goal of Vision 360 Ministries is to come alongside missionaries and the churches they serve to help and encourage in every way possible. We have seen, first hand, the need for clean water for the people who live in the rural areas of Northern Mozambique. They are drinking water from rivers or shallow wells which is often dirty and contaminated without any means of filtering this water. As we shared this need with Van Jorstad from the church in Eau Claire, WI, he became concerned about our brothers and sisters in Mozambique and determined to rally the church and community to raise $10,000.00 to initiate the clean water project for Mozambique. On June 6th there will be a race (walk, run, bicycle) for clean water in Eau Claire. Their goal is to have 1000 people participate who will each pay a $10 registration fee. There are 500 families associated with these 50 churches that have been planted in northern Mozambique. Most of them need the filters this project will provide. Even if you cannot participate in the race/walk/run you can donate to this important project. You can go to the church’s website – http://cornerstonechristian-ec.org/water_project.html  – and there is a place to register and/or donate online. There is also a picture and description of the filter we are planning to make available to the Makua people.




Please, make this project and the health of the Makua people a part of your prayer time. This is an ambitious goal for the church in Eau Claire, but we believe that through His people, God can do it! Blessings, Bruce and Neide Colson.

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