17 May 2016


Posted by vision360ministries

God is on His throne, reigning sovereignly over His universe. This is an eternal truth from God’s word. No matter what happens around us, this truth is like a rock upon which we can build our lives. God is not distant. He is at work every day desiring the best for each of us. We who have more, share with those who have less and in God’s economy everyone gets blessed.

We are helping our brothers and sisters in Mozambique get out of the extreme poverty in which they live. We know that this is going to take time, but praise God for the progress being made. Sixty children and youth live at Hope Home which is a part Hope Mission in Nampula, Mozambique. Brazilian missionaries, Kléber and Juracema, started this Mission 19 years ago and what God has done through their ministry is amazing. Some 60 churches have been planted and many of these leaders come to Nampula every month for training. The children and youth who live at Hope Home come from those churches. They have come to Hope Mission to develop spiritually, have 3 regular meals a day and further their education so they can look forward to a better future.

Your participation in Vision 360 Ministries is a great encouragement to the Makua people. Last month we sent $4,000.00 to help care for the young lives you are sponsoring. We also sent $5,000.00 to begin the construction of the boy’s dormitory which will provide a place for the boys to sleep. Right now they are sleeping wherever Kléber can find a space for them. We still need $25,000.00 to finish this dormitory. Please pray for our Makua friends and that God will provide for this need. Soon we will be posting pictures of the construction.

We share this blog so that you can rejoice with us for what God is doing in Mozambique. We also ask you to continually pray for Kléber and Juracema and the church among the Makua people. The challenges for this ministry are great, but our God is even greater. That is why we and they need your prayers.

BRAZIL: Thursday we travel to Brazil. We will be visiting the church we worked with while living there as well as several individuals from this church. These relationships that were established when we lived there continue on via the internet. We will also lead a seminar on marriage and the family at the new church plant in Luziania led by Dinho and Leila, a couple we have been discipling for several years. We also will be helping Neide’s mother prepare for her move to the U.S. and spending time with Neide’s aunt who is struggling with Parkinsons disease. Please hold this trip; our health, the many ministry opportunities we will have before the Lord. We totally depend on God to accomplish anything for Him and His Kingdom. That is why your prayers are so important.

Thank you again for being our partners in this ministry.

Bruce & Neide








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