17 Sep 2016

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Posted by vision360ministries

A few years ago, ok maybe more than a few, we used to sing a song “Look what the Lord has done” praising God for His salvation and all He has done in our lives. After spending two weeks at Hope Mission in Mozambique and visiting with church leaders and a couple of village churches we can only exclaim “Look what the Lord has done” and continues to do among the Makua people. This is not to exalt Kléber and Juracema for their great  work, because they are the first to acknowledge that they had no great plans when they arrived in Nampula other than to plant churches among the Makua people whose primary religion is a mixture of Islam, animism and Spiritism. They just prayed hard and often and God showed them each step to take.


            Now, 20 years later, we were able to stay with them in their new house at Hope Mission, walk the grounds and see what the Lord has done. We saw the boys dormitory nearing completion which will be able to house over 50 boys and youth. We saw the 60 boys and girls who are now living at Hope Home where they have 3 regular meals a day, grow in their faith, and further their education. We saw the school where over 1000 children study every day, including the Bible, most of whom come from Muslim homes. We saw the dedication of the teachers, all of whom are followers of Jesus, having grown up at the mission, now furthering their education at a college level and being an example to the younger children in faith and life. We met with the church leaders teaching them the principles and disciplines of their devotional lives and just visiting with them, hearing their stories of victories and struggles in ministry. Many of the pastors and leaders of the 60 churches planted among their people were there.




We heard about the water filters that Vision 360 purchased to test in their homes. We saw the smiles on their faces as they told about the clean water they were now drinking. We even heard the story of the one pastor who had no water in his house but the dirty dish water after his wife washed the dishes. He poured the dirty water in his filter and, to his amazement and joy, later filled a glass with clear, clean water.


            We have a lot more to tell, like the beets we saw in the garden the size of softballs and how the garden continues to supplement their meals each day. However, it might be better to give it to you installments instead of all at once.

            We do want you to know that God is doing a great work in Mozambique and you are a part of it. This is not to say all is perfect and there are no problems. On the contrary there are plenty of issues to work out as these people grow in their faith. But that is true of all of us no matter where we live. We just want to praise God for what He is doing among the Makua people in northern Mozambique and to thank you for faithfully partnering with us as we come along these brothers and sisters to help make their lives just a little bit better each year.


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