3 Mar 2017

News From Mozambique

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We recently sent out our annual report with our goals for 2017 via email. If you did not receive a report just let us know (colson360@yahoo.com) and we will send one to you.

We recently received an annual report from Kléber and Juracema in Mozambique. We would like to share that with you so you can join us and them praising God for His continued guidance and direction for the work there.

CHURCHES: Church buildings were completed in 3 other states in Northern Mozambique. Each month the leaders from the churches travel to Mozambique for further training and encouragement.

Pastores e lideres

HOPE HOME: They now have 32 boys and 32 girls who live at Hope Home. Four have received scholarships to study at the college level this year. Now that the boy’s dormitory is very close to being completed they have plans to increase the number of boys and girls at Hope Home to 48. They mentioned their gratitude to Vision 360 for providing the funds for the boy’s dormitory. We will soon send $4,600.00 to put in doors, windows and electrical installations which will finish this project. Thank you for your faithfulness that made this possible. However, they will need help to maintain this many children and youth. If you would like to sponsor a child for 2017, please contact us.


They shared that 53 children/youth have lived at the home and are now out on their own with greater hope for the future and spiritual guidance for their lives. During this time at the home they not only had their physical needs met, but also learned about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.

SCHOOL: The total number of students registered to study at the school for 2017 is 1,123. Two news classrooms have been built with the funds received from registration. They now have 2 classrooms for each grade up through 7th grade. Since there is one group who studies in the morning and another in the afternoon they actually have 4 classrooms of students for each grade. Once again they had to turn away students for lack of space and teachers.

Fotos - Africa - 2011 046

PRAY FOR RAIN! In a recent conversation with Kléber and Juracema they asked us to pray for rain. It has rained very little so far and this is supposed to be the time when the rain falls in abundance. Water for the garden at the mission and for all those in northern Mozambique are being jeopardized by the lack of rain.

africa mirror

GRATITUDE: Kléber and Juracema finished their report with these words: “Our greatest desire is that whatever has been accomplished in Mozambique, in the church, at the school, the children’s home and Hope Mission, has been done to bring glory to Jesus. For this reason we thank the churches for their support, whether prayer or financial support and for all you have done. May God continue to renew His grace and mercy in your lives.”


Praise God for the victories that are being won in Mozambique and please, continue in prayer for the challenges that are before them!

Please, pray for Vision 360 Ministries, as we come alongside of the church in Mozambique, to help them accomplish God’s purpose for their lives!

Blessings, Bruce and Neide Colson.



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