25 Apr 2018

Our Most Recent Trip to Brazil

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When we prepare to go on a mission trip there are a number of responsibilities we need to accomplish. We need to verify travel documents, prepare studies, make sure the community group is cared for, and put our finances in order. But the most important preparation is to make sure our mission partners and prayer warriors are informed so they can bathe the trip in prayer. We make our plans of how we plan to minister, for example we planned to lead a seminar in two churches on “How to Care For One Another in God’s Family.” We had also been invited to preach in both of these churches as well as on a ranch about 1 ½ hours from Brasilia. We did that and believe God moved hearts during these presentations of His Word.




But we are always surprised on how the Holy Spirit leads us on informal (not previously planned) encounters with God’s people. There were the 5 couples that we had taken through the “Married For Life” course who bonded with us during this 13 week course and always want a “refresher” time with us when in Luziania, a city about 45 minutes from Brasilia. They then scheduled a dinner together a week later so we could specifically minister about marriage. We shared, they share and we prayed together for God to strengthen each marriage relationship.

We stayed in the home of Dinho and Leila, who lead the “Essence and Life Christian Church” in Luziania. Ministering in this city has several challenges so they share and we work at encouraging them as a couple and also as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayer time with them is always special.


Then there was the ranch we visited on Easter Sunday. Paulino, the owner, had been raised in an orphanage. When he was 18, he was told he had to leave because that was the policy of the orphanage. He made a vow to God, that if God would bless him he would build orphanages where children would learn how to take care of themselves when they became adults and not simply “kicked out” to figure out life on their own. Well, God has truly blessed this man who now owns 38 ranches and is developing the one we visited to be the prototype for self-sustaining orphanages in Brazil. We visited at length with the agricultural master mind behind the plan to provide jobs, food and spiritual guidance for all who live in the orphanage. He gets up every morning at 3:00 AM to pray.  They have designated a high hill on the ranch to build a prayer chapel, that overlooks the whole ranch. We shared about the “Farming God’s Ways” principles that were developed in Africa and saw how God was leading him to do use many of the same principles in Brazil. We have already traded information that will help him in Brazil and the work in Mozambique.

I apologize for the length of this report, but have to tell you about another God appointed encounter. Our friend Sergio called me one morning when Neide was having her hair done and invited me to work out in a local park. After we worked out we went for a walk and he and his wife Hosana told me about a Bible translation project, developed by Wycliffe, in which they were participating. Wycliffe realized that they were going to fall short of their goal of having the Bible translated into every language by 2025. They then developed a method of bringing together bilingual people from these languages and for 2 weeks the nationals would translate the Bible into their own language facilitated by people who would give them guidance. In 2 weeks they would see 2-3 books of the Bible translated. With their approach Wycliffe has renewed their optimism to see God’s Word in every language in the world. WOW! GREAT! PRAISE GOD!

Then we had this couple meet with Kleber and Juracema, missionaries from Brazil that work in Mozambique, with whom we cooperate and encourage. They talked about a couple of people groups in Mozambique that only have portions of the Bible in their language. They will be checking to see if this new approach is something for the church in Mozambique.


If we were to write about every special encounter God set up it would cover several more pages so suffice it to say “your prayers really worked!”

We also had quality time with my daughter Tammy and her family. Please, continue to pray for her complete recovery and their lives in Brazil during these times of political and economic crisis.


Thank you so much for your partnership in our ministry. Without your help this ministry would not happen.


Bruce & Neide


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