13 Aug 2018

NEWS FROM MOZAMBIQUE (Kléber & Juracema)

Posted by vision360ministries

Planting New Churches: we have been praying for some time now for the Maconde people in the state of Cabo Delgado. We are pleased to announce that a new church has been established among the Maconde people in the city of Pemba, the capital city for that state. We are taking the gospel to the northern regions of Mozambique. We now have churches among the Makua, Koti and the Maconde. We are also praying for the Jauas people who live in the state of Niassa. (Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula, where the mission is located are the 3 northern states in Mozambique). Please pray with us to find a newer car to make trips to these areas. (The funds have been provided, just a matter of finding the right vehicle).


Education: We are presently painting the walls, doors and windows for the two new classrooms that were built last year. We urgently need 84 desks for the 3 classrooms where students are sitting on the floor. Each desk costs $100.00 and holds 2 students. There are 2 weeks of vacation in August during which time we plan to accomplish this work. Pray for the needs and the school.



Hope Home: We are remodeling the kitchen and dining room and installing water in both the boys and girls dormitory (Vision 360 Ministries provided the funds for the water installation). This year we would also like to construct the computer lab building. Pray with us for Hope Home.



Hope Mission: We are constructing 5 buildings to house the leaders who come to Nampula for training. Each month it is a challenge to find a place to sleep for those leaders (50 – 70 leaders). Please, pray we can finish these soon.

Your prayers and financial help are important to advance the Kingdom of God.

In Christ’s love.

Kléber & Juracema.


Words from Bruce and Neide: Praise the Lord, the Village Drill is on its way. (The picture is off of the internet, just for you to have an idea of what the village drill looks like). We are now in the process of raising $8,000.00 for customs fees, training and the drilling of the first 3-4 wells. Please, pray with us that God will provide.







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